Research, Design of Fuel Injection System For Motorcycles Using Biogas


Hồ Trọng Du, Trương Hoài Linh, Trần Đăng Long ,Nguyễn Ngọc DũngHội Nghị Khoa Học Đại Học Nông Lâm TP. Hồ Chí Minh lần thứ VIII.

Ngày 4/4/2013.

The using of biogas is growing very fast in the south region of Vietnam owing to its benefit in reducing environmental pollution and improving local economic. The main objective of this research is to enlarge application of biogas for motorcycle. Conventional liquid fuel system in motorcycle is replaced by gas injection system with electronically control. Biogas injector is installed to intake manifold. Gas fuel quantity and injection time are calculated and controlled by central electronically control unit (ECU) based on intake pressure manifold, throttle position and engine speed. Experimental results showed that mixture formation process of motorcycle engine using gas fuel injection system is better compared to that of using mixer. The results of this research encourage for development and application of biogas in Vietnam.


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